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OnDownloadCompleted is not fired - dmakhkamov - 02-10-2017 06:46 AM

Hi everyone,

I know the project is probably not maintained anymore, but I was playing with it, and could not get something figured out.

I am currently able to get everything, except the point when downloader's OnDownloadComplete event is fired.

My current set up is:

A WEB API controller to trigger the download via trydownload method in test.cs class inside Downtify project. This is a temporary set up just to test few things. I will be moving it to a service project when I figure out all the logic.

after starting to download the track, im sending the thread to sleep, until OnDownloadComplete Event is fired, which is not happening.

Pardon my stupidity if I miss obvious stuff. haven't been coding .net for 7 years.

Best regards,