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Source incompatible change to Device stack - simonc - 24-08-2011 03:26 PM

I've just committed a change that will require updates by all Device stack clients. This allows providers to query which network adapter an action has been invoked on, allowing them to return a uri to a resource that'll be served by their IResourceManager.

The changes affect all virtual provider functions in all language bindings and are as follows:
  • C#: replace uint aVersion with IDvInvocation aInvocation
  • Java: replace int aVersion with IDvInvocation aInvocation
  • C++: replace uint32_t aVersion with IDvInvocationStd& aInvocation
  • C: replace uint32_t aVersion with IDvInvocationC* aInvocation, void* aInvocationPtr
The version number of the service being requested by the caller is still available via the Version() function on IDvInvocation.