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Announcing ohLibSpotify
17-01-2013, 04:03 PM
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Brick Announcing ohLibSpotify
ohLibSpotify is a set of .NET bindings for the libspotify library. It provides a convenient object-oriented interface to libspotify for .NET developers.

ohLibSpotify is complete. Because most of the binding code is generated automatically from the libspotify header file, ohLibSpotify is able to cover the entire libspotify API, and should be easily updated to handle future changes to the libspotify API.

ohLibSpotify is multi-platform. It runs on Windows under .NET and Linux under Mono right now, and has been designed to be easily ported to the other platforms supported by libspotify.

The library should be usable right now. Included is a C# version of the spshell demo that comes with libspotify. There's no API documentation right now, but in most cases the correspondence between the native API and the managed API should be obvious. Let us know if you try it out.

Remember that you still need libspotify to use ohLibSpotify. While ohLibSpotify has a liberal license, (2-clause BSD) you can still only use libspotify itself in free apps (unless you have a separate agreement with Spotify). You'll also need a premium Spotify account to log in to Spotify and you'll need to apply for a free app key from Spotify.

Get it here:
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