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Allow Java devices to customize action errors
30-07-2012, 08:25 AM
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RE: Allow Java devices to customize action errors
Most of these changes sound good and I'll be happy to apply them. I don't want to introduce differences in behaviour between language bindings though; this would make overview documentation far harder. So if you want to be able to set error codes outside the 800s, you'll need to convince me that the C#/C++ APIs are deficient and should be fixed :-).

I thought the device architecture doc only allowed for errors between 800-899. Where does 710 - Invalid Container ID come from? Is this another case where the media server device description implies changes to the spec without going to the trouble of actually updating the spec itself?

Regarding control point retrieval of error details, I agree that this is desirable but don't think it'll be as simple as exposing Invocation::iError. Wouldn't you want the info from the FaultCode xml in the action response? To guard against me implementing the wrong thing, can you describe how you'll use this info please? A complete enumeration of the error cases you want to handle (or expose to users) would be very useful.
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