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Allow Java devices to customize action errors
01-10-2012, 02:13 PM
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RE: Allow Java devices to customize action errors
(01-10-2012 12:50 PM)simonc Wrote:  
(01-10-2012 12:45 PM)simoncn Wrote:  There are still some of these line ending problems lurking in the code. I found a block of double-spaced code today in OpenHome/Net/Bindings/Java/Invocation.c, starting around line 137. Do you see this problem when you look at this file?

Yep, I can see a mix of line endings too. I'll tidy these up in the next couple of days.

I could fix this properly by using a .gitattribute file to ensure line endings are converted on commit. This'd make things awkward for you if you currently have a repo with local changes to ohNet files. Once you'd resolved any conflicts once, things would work correctly. Do you think the small amount of hassle this could cause is worth it?

I don't have a local Git repo, so this wouldn't be an issue for me. At the moment I just download the .tar.gz file when I need to pick up a new level of the code.

What's the best way to fix this where it occurs in the current codebase? Do you have a script that can scan all the files? If not, I could look through the files in Bindings/Java to see what I can find.
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