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Unable to play m4a and alac files
29-11-2017, 11:37 AM
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Unable to play m4a and alac files
Hi. I hope someone can help. My collection features both m4a and alac files and I've tried using the Windows version of ohPlayer, using Linn's Kazzo as the control point. Whilst this setup doesn't have any issues in terms of the playback of mp3's and flac's, no sound is produced when I attempt to playback m4a or alac files. As I use MinimServer I've been able to put in place a workaround, getting it to transcode m4a or alac files into a wav format (alac:wav24, mp4:wav16), which works OK. However, I would much prefer not to use this. I would add that I had initially concluded that this issue was related to Kazzo and as such I raised this with Linn support, but the response I got was to post something about it on this forum!
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Unable to play m4a and alac files - zigzag10 - 29-11-2017 11:37 AM

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