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Error handling for sync invocations in Java
01-12-2011, 02:48 PM
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RE: Error handling for sync invocations in Java
(01-12-2011 01:03 PM)simonc Wrote:  Sorry, you're right, this is happening in a thread that is created by the OS abstraction layer and is used to monitor changes in available network adapters. It'll be much simpler to get the call stack printed now.

I tried debugging the exception using Visual Studio. It was easy enough to see the stack trace in the pulldown, but I couldn't find a way to copy and paste it. In the end I was able to do this (very painfully) by using PrtSc and stitching three images together in Paint. I could attach it here, but I have the impression that you already know what it is. For future reference, I'd be interested to know if there's any better way to do this copy and paste.

Quote:Good point. I can probably catch and deal with any unexpected exceptions in the C bindings, saving the need to do anything in managed code.

OK, thanks. This sounds like the right approach. I've had to do something similar myself when unexpected Java exceptions are thrown by code running on a thread that was invoked as a result of a provider action.
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