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Error handling for sync invocations in Java
09-12-2011, 11:43 AM
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RE: Error handling for sync invocations in Java
(07-12-2011 10:48 AM)simonc Wrote:  
Quote:Thanks for this. I've just checked on github and I don't see it there yet.

I'm looking into the cause of the failures now.

I've fixed this now so the updates should hopefully appear on github this evening.

Ths most interesting change I've made is to assume that a device has moved if we receive an announcement for it with a new location for its device xml. (This is what clients would see if we pulled out the network cable of the machine hosting the device stack, then reinserted it later.) When we decide a device has moved, we run the Removed callback for it then an Added callback for a device with the same UDN but a different xml location. This will ensure that clients are prompted to update their proxies and subscriptions (which may need to point towards new addresses for control and eventing).

In theory, this seemed like a no brainer. In practice however, its not so straightforward. Asset and some versions of twonky are capable of sending out multiple announcements for different addresses, all of which are valid. ohNet reacts to this by running Removed/Added messages each time an announcement is received.

I still tend to think that ohNet's behaviour is reasonable but we'll have to see how disruptive it proves...
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